Roseann Sharp is affectionately referred to as “the glue” of URA Group AZ. Having previously worked with Garry Madaline in the opening of the Scottsdale office in 2013, Roseann keeps up with office administration and client service, keeping us on time, in the loop, and organized. Her specialty is welcoming every visitor or client with a smile and a bit of easy conversation, and the confirmation of knowing they are with caring people interested in making life a little easier for them. Ask anyone and they will say, “Roseann is a people person.” She will agree, but add that she “has a sassy streak.”

The truth is, Roseann has an incredible background in positions that range from running HR departments to building customer service teams from the ground up. With diversified experience in service-oriented and project-specific environments, she has worked with major employers Xerox, Proctor & Gamble, International Multifoods, American Electric Power, and Phelps Dodge Copper Products throughout markets in Ohio, Indiana and Texas.

Roseann was born in Cincinnati and moved often growing up between the states of Ohio, Michigan and Indiana. For her high school senior year, she went back to Indiana, moving in with her grandparents to spend her final year with students she had known the longest. There she “found one of her life’s callings,” becoming the school’s top secretarial student, working in the office and as a teacher’s assistant. She also connected with the love of her life, the captain of the football team, someone she had known as the boy who lived a few doors down from her aunt for years. They went to senior prom and have been together ever since—for 53 years now. The couple has two daughters and seven grandsons.