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The creators and exclusive providers of the CO- retirement planning process, we are the Valley’s premiere financial advisors and retirement planners. We provide help to pre-retirees and retirees aged 50 or older in Scottsdale, Phoenix and other cities in Arizona. The financial advisors at URA Group AZ specialize in retirement planning and al the issues important to retiring successfully, including Social Security, distribution planning, budgeting, income planning, tax planning, and much more.

Retirement planning isn’t just about investing your money wisely, there are many different elements to master. We provide workshops and training to the public as well as personalized services to our clients to help them understand and plan for all of the issues they will face in retirement. Too many times critical issues such as taxes, longevity, Required Minimum Distributions (RN/Ds), the sequence of distribution, and arm-term care options are not taken into consideration. Unfortunately, this lack of retirement understanding can cause your retirement to fail unexpectedly.


Wealth Management

Wealth management as you are approaching or during retirement is much different than wealth management when you are in the accumulation stage of your life. For instance, while you are accumulating assets, you have the time horizon to wait out a bear market. Asa pre-retiree or retiree, you do not. As we found out in 2008, bear markets can wipe out retirement savings for people who need to withdraw money to live on each month. As you get closer to retirement, you need wealth management that takes advantage of markets, but also protects your assets against market downturns.

Retirement Planning

URA Group AZ, Retirement Planners

If you have been wondering how much money you’ll need to retire, how Social Security and Medicare work, and if your money will last—you’ve come to the right place. The financial advisors at URA Group AZ have spent decades answering these questions and more tor people who are nearing retirement. URA Group AZ will help you map out your finances in order to know exactly what financial assets you have amassed, where your money 1s coming from, and how to provide income for yourself once you are in retirement.

Income planning is essential, but there is more. Our retirement planning process, CORE, helps pre-retirees to organize all of their finances, create a plan, implement the plan and monitor the results, We answer to you. and we work closely with you throughout the years to adjust things as your life changes. We try to address issues upfront which might impact you or your spouse’s finances later, such as taxes in retirement, the best way to file for Social Security, health care expenses, the potential need for long-term care insurance and estate planning.

Estate Planning, Asset Protection

Estate planning is the process of arranging and documenting the transfer of your assets in anticipation of your death or incapacitation.Estate planning usually focuses on the preservation of the maximum amount of wealth for the intended beneficiaries as well as the flexibility of being able to change the estate planning decisions made by the individual prior to death. Estate planning can involve such matters as preparing a will in order to designate beneficiaries and setting up a trust to help reduce estate tax liability.

Estate planning can help to eliminate any uncertainties over the administration of your estate and to get the most out of your estate by reducing your tax burden upon your death. Thus 1s where URA Group AZ comes in—working with your estate attorney to help ensure you’ve set everything up to minimize taxation now and in the future. They understand the law. we understand the financial and tax implications of the way your estate plans structured.

Healthcare, Life Insurance & Medicare

Insurance protects many of the most valuable assets you have—your homes. cats. health and loved ones shifting the financial burden of risk over from your family to insurance companies. However, many Americans are unaware of the impact proper insurance planning can have on retirement. There are several products and strategies that can be utilized to ensure one of your largest assets—your retirement accounts.

Enjoying spectacular retirement not about how much money you have, but about how much income you have to spend. Being able to enjoy all the things you find necessary. important and desirable can only be accomplished by having enough dependable repeating income.

Making your retirement a financial dream come true depends on one thing and one thing only dependable, Guaranteed, repeatable increasing income that lasts for as long as you live. And make no mistake, the most serious risk facing retirees and future retirees today is the ‘for as long as you live’ part. Longevity is the number one risk to a happy full retirement. If you live long enough. trying to live entirely off of assets that go up and down in the market will eventually result in failure. A plan that includes assets that guarantee income. guarantee inflation protection and provide for health issues addition to assets such as stocks.

Keep up-to-date on our latest retirement planning services and educational workshops – subscribe to our newsletter

Keep up-to-date on our latest retirement planning services and educational workshops – subscribe to our newsletter