Retirement Planning

If you have been wondering how much money you’ll need to retire, how Social Security and Medicare work, and if your money will last—you’ve come to the right place. The financial advisors at URA Group AZ have spent decades answering these questions and more tor people who are nearing retirement. URA Group AZ will help you map out your finances in order to know exactly what financial assets you have amassed, where your money 1s coming from, and how to provide income for yourself once you are in retirement.

Income planning is essential, but there is more. Our retirement planning process, CORE, helps pre-retirees to organize all of their finances, create a plan, implement the plan and monitor the results, We answer to you. and we work closely with you throughout the years to adjust things as your life changes. We try to address issues upfront which might impact you or your spouse’s finances later, such as taxes in retirement, the best way to file for Social Security, health care expenses, the potential need for long-term care insurance and estate planning.